Fausto Commercial offers a menu of services designed to Maximize Value for our clients:


Consultancy, Marketing, Aggressivety and Honesty. We pride ourselves in inventing the ultimate platform for marketing commercial real estate; pioneering the most innovative methods of leveraging technology to market property and get it before the largest pool of qualified buyers, and as such maximizing value for our Clients.

Advisory & Consulting

Real Estate is dynamic & rapidly changing. And, not everyone has access to the same information. Because of our aggressive market penetration and intensive data collecting, we have the best data to fuel assertive, focused and effective decision making that maximizes value for our Clients

Investment Services

Being investors as well as brokers, gives us the ability to view the marketplace from many angles. Through its affiliated investment corporation, Fausto Capital, we are building investment portfolios, and leverage these pursuits to maximize value for our Clients.

Landlord and Tenant Representation

Negotiation is both Art and Science. Equipped with the best data in the market, we know the Science of the numbers and economic factors behind every deal, and we implement the Art to creatively structure winning deals that maximize value for our Clients.

Property Management

The goal of management is to increase the quantity and the quality of a property’s return. We implement the same management systems and principals that have made our own properties the prime buildings in their market, and as such maximize value for our Clients.

Capital Services

Our knowledge of the market and who is lending on it, allows us to rapidly connect the right people to get a transaction done at the best terms to the fit a client’s need, and as such maximize value for our Clients.

Community Affairs

We firmly believe in using our business as a platform for social Good. We have several community initiatives in action in the neighborhoods we work, and are always eager to collaborate with those who share in our quest to leave an everlasting positive mark in our city.