Fausto Commercial is a South Florida urban commercial real estate brokerage, investment, and development firm.

Fausto Commercial was founded by Carlos Fausto Miranda, on the principle that Commercial Real Estate is most powerful tool for crafting communities and improving people’s lives, as well as the most effective investment vehicle for creating wealth.

At Fausto Commercial, we believe that Real Estate is the Main Stage of the full human experience.  Real estate is where the cultural, social, and economic interactions that define a community happen. And because of this, through the creative, value-adding application of Real Estate, we can improve people’s lives and craft better neighborhoods.

Social Good and Profit are not mutually exclusive, and the aggressive and intelligent engagement of business can build economic wealth as well as societal wealth.

Our fulfillment is not in the land or structures we sell, rather in what we can accomplish to leave an everlasting mark in our city.

The City is a work of Art, a work of Art we collectively create.