Ron Sadaka is a Native Miamian and has been a prominent facilitator in the South Florida Real Estate and Finance Markets for over 25 years. He began his career developing software applications for a local real estate developer while on summer break from college. There, he discovered a fascination and love for the commercial real estate industry, as well as a talent and skill for making sure the numbers work.
Having grown up in Coral Gables, Ron received inspiration from the parents and grandparents of his friends – some of Miami’s foremost pioneers and community leaders – who shared their memories of old Miami, and shaped his vision for what the city might grow to be. He’s become a strong advocate for responsible real estate development, exploring ways to maximize investor returns, alongside a commitment to common-sense growth and historic preservation in Miami’s communities.
In recent years, The Bessemer Trust Company, Colonial Properties, Equity Realty Trust, Cole REIT, and many others have worked with Ron to close over $1 billion in commercial property sales, acquisitions, and merchant banking transactions across the United States.