Carlos Miranda-Brassac is a business profesisonal that applies his engineering discipline to all aspects of business. Carlos has a Master of Engineering degree from the University of Florida, with a minor in Sales and Marketing. Over his long and accomplished career, he has held top managerial positions in international corporations such as The Kellogg Co., Pillsbury, Bechtel, Arco Chemical, and Univision.

Regarding corporate manpower, he is a strong believer of what he calls the sum power of the group:
“No point in a circle is more important than the next, and the synergistic effect of an effective team is a powerful force multiplier. “

As Director of Commercial Sales and Leasing, he instills this concept into the very essence of the cultural fabric of Fausto Commercial. He is a strategic thinker. His philosophy is a simple two-step: 1. “Business is War,” and 2. “Aim high and make it happen.”

He has been a lifelong practitioner and student of martial arts. He is an avid reader with a focus on topics such as politics, government, history and current events.